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If you’re reading this, you made it.

You may be someone who made it, despite heartache of an uncontrolled pandemic that left 400,000+ families broken.

You may be a Black person who made it, despite the weaponization of the US government’s attempts to stop you from having the temerity to ask that you not be executed in the streets, or even your own bed.

You may be a queer person who made it, despite this administration’s unprecedented attacks on LGBTQ+ people’s safety and rights.

You may be a refugee from a war-torn country that, having faith in the words inscribed…

We are somehow now at the end of September, the 76th month of the year of 2020, so before it too slips away, there’s something I want to say.

Hi. I’m Matt. And I’m bisexual.

It’s been a long, long time coming for me to say those words aloud. For the longest time, I tried, desperately, to convince myself I was straight. To be straight. Having grown up Southern Baptist in the age of the infamous Ellen episode, I speak from experience when I say it can do a number on you. And so, my mind found infinite ways to…

dir. Mike Flanagan

Stephen King once wrote “Films, even the best of them, freeze fiction — anyone who has ever seen One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest and then reads Ken Kesey’s novel will find it hard or impossible not to see Jack Nicholson’s face on Randle Patrick McMurphy.” …

The best Switch accessory just got better

Back in 2018, an accessory company called Satisfye Kickstarted a campaign to fund a comfort grip for the Nintendo Switch. The product was called the Pro Gaming Grip, and it looked…odd. Rather than the nice symmetry of the Switch and all its other attendant third-party grips, the Pro Gaming Grip had one side that hugged the left Joy-Con as expected, and a right side that looked like it got drunk but was making a valiant effort to do its job on the right Joy-Con anyway. I’m a bit of an accessory nut, so I rolled the dice and backed it.

It’s-a me, nostalgia.

It’s odd now to think that the GameCube was a failure. Video game aficionados have reappraised Nintendo’s idiosyncratic little box in the intervening years, but the narrative of the day was how far Nintendo had fallen since the Nintendo 64 days, itself a massive step down from the dominance it maintained from the NES and Super NES eras. History has been kind to Ninty’s petite block, with many of the most well-remembered games of all time residing on its miniDVDs (one reason for its poor sales, as it was the only system of the time unable to tap into the…

The main line of the venerable JRPG series can be an endless labyrinth of formats, hardware and remakes. Here’s a guide to making the most of your playtime and purchasing power.

UPDATE 2020/02/04: New year, new look reassessments!

Notes: “every” denotes mainline games. There aren’t enough pixels on the internet to try to go down the sequel/spin-off rabbit hole. Also, there’s a heavy bias toward consoles here, both because I prefer consoles, and because Final Fantasy is much more synonymous with consoles than PC.


The X-Files: Deep State is available on iOS, Android and Facebook

​I’ll admit that as a diehard fan of the show since its debut in the early ’90s, I’m automatically in the bag for anything carrying the X-Files name. I had my worries about how The X-Files: Deep State would shake out, though: the hidden-object game genre isn’t one that I’m terribly fond of, and as a longtime gamer, “freemium” is something of a dirty word. Nonetheless, I found excitement creeping in about finally having another X-Files game. Incredibly, this makes only the third video game based on the property, not counting a CD-ROM database program called Unrestricted Access. The two…

The second-worst year on record still left a lot of good in its wake

2016 was, unquestionably, the worst year I’ve ever experienced in my now-35 years on this planet. 2017 managed to best that low, low bar, but in addition to not sucking quite as much as its predecessor, it managed to have several things to actually commend it. In an effort to combat the crushing, omnipresent negativity of the day, here are several of my favorite works of art from our last go around the sun. Note: These are in no particular order.


I should note, this entire section comes with an enormous asterisk. A new film from my favorite director, one…

I really, really want THE DARK TOWER to be good. There’s a lot about it that makes me worry, much of which is difficult to articulate, but while I’ve liked the trailers I’ve seen well enough, I can’t shake an eerie sense of deja vu of one of the worst adaptations imaginable, also of a highly-regarded niche book series handed to a talented cast and largely-untested director with an ambivalent studio and massive changes to the text, and that’s the horror of the DARK IS RISING adaptation THE SEEKER.

I feel like Sony has bungled this from the get-go…the presence…

The sound of rusty metal scraping cuts through the air as you gaze in rapt attention at the titanic form in the distance. It’s the platonic ideal of that particular din, the kind of sound effect you’ve heard in hundreds of horror movies: a canned, eerie noise designed to raise the hackles as foolish protagonists approach a house obviously haunted, having already ignored the dire warnings of signs posted on ineffective fences back at the road.

You jump, the hairs on the back of your neck instantly raised, and laugh nervously, satisfied by the recognition of your own fright. …

Matthew Golden

Perfectly cromulent.

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